Pathfinder Process Analysis Product Advantage

Product Advantage

Three Product Advantages Benefiting Consumers

  • High Nutrition

    Nutritional ingredients are retained more fully

    60°C Low-temperature pressing,higher retention rate of nutrients (monounsaturated fatty acids,polyunsaturated fatty acids,vitamins,minerals);select large peanuts of export grade,full granules,nutrient-rich,eliminate aflatoxin,health and safety is guaranteed..

  • To Purity

    Two Physical Refining and Multilayer Plant Fiber Filtration

    Low temperature physical de-red coat,2 times physical refining,multi-layer plant fiber filtration,natural peanut fragrance..

  • Low Soot

    Low temperature treatment,not easy to produce lampblack

    The whole process of low temperature treatment,peanut cell structure remains intact,less impurities,not easy to produce lampblack..

Six Considerate Designs

  • Easy to Pull Bottle Cap

    The arc design is not easy to break,easy to open and save time and effort..

  • Reflux Bottle Mouth

    Funnel-shaped subsidence design to prevent remaining oil from retaining bottle mouth

  • Controllable Oil Outlet

    Flow diversion design,pouring oil without gushing,easy control of oil volume

  • Precision Scale

    Clear,accurate and scientific control of daily oil consumption

  • Bottle shoulder handle 1.8L

    Cooperate with kitchen basket,not easy to slip when lifting

  • Widening handle 4.5L

    Widening design holds comfortable hands